Credits: Antonio Pele

Some of my teaching documents are available here

Artificial Intelligence. I am co-organizing a course with Caitlin Mulholhand (2020 and 2021)

2021: We will give a course (PhD/Master in Law): Democracy and New Technologies. See here the Syllabus in Portuguese

Teaching at PUC-Rio University (2014-present) 

Graduate (Phd/Master Students)

- Critical Legal Theories

- Theories of Justice

- Contemporary French Critical Thinkers (2019-2020)

- May 68 as a Global Phenomenon (2018)

Undergraduate (Law)

Human Rights

Legal Philosophy

Political Philosophy 

Teaching at Carlos III University, Madrid (2003-12)

I have created a special course "Curso de Humanidades" on Human Dignity (2008-present)

Graduate (Phd/Master Students)

The History of Human Rights


The Concept of Human Rights / Human dignity 


Undergraduate (Business; Humanities; Law; Journalism)


Legal Philosophy

Political Philosophy 


Ethics & Deontology 

Legal Theory