Feb. 03, New paper w/ Stephen Riley 'For a Right to Health Beyond Biopolitics', Law, Culture and the Humanities open access
Jan. 12, Institute of Latin American Study - Columbia University: Reading Group: Decolonization, Neocolonialism & Human Rights video
From October 2020 to March 2021, I am at Paris Nanterre Université, Centre de  Recherches et d'Etudes sur les Droits Fondamentaux (CREDOF), as a Visiting Professor. I won a competitive grant of the Brazilian funding Agency 'CAPES
December 07. Just published with Jean-François Deluchey a piece in The Conversation France on Racism in Brazil and in France
                                                  Credit: Silvio Avila/ AFP
November 23th, I organized the Webinar on the legacy of Marielle Franco (the Rio de Janeiro City Councillor who was murdered in 2018). Guests: Pâmella Passos and Amanda Mendonça.  
November 16th: "Brazil in Times Of Covid-19: Right to Health, 'Bioresistances' and Solidarities,  International Conference What are our Lives Worth to a Neoliberal Government? Institute For Advanced Studies, Le Studium, Tours.
Power point available here and Video
November 13th: "Necro-Counterrevolution in Brazil. Exposure and Concealment of Deaths," The 28th Annual Critical Theory Roundtable. Power point available here. I would be happy to share with you my paper. Just send me an email (see contact)
November 10th: "Construyendo Comunidades Incluyentes basadas en la Dignidad Humana", TEC de Monterrey, Centro de Reconocimiento de la Dignidad Humana
July 6th, I am organizing the Webinar "Pandemic & Post-Pandemic: trends and challenges", Webinar Main organizer  Law School, PUC-Rio
- "The King is Naked": Bolsonaro & the Pandemic (Critique in times of Coronavirus), in Critical Legal Thinking
-  Brasil y la Pandemia del COVID-19: la Apuesta Cínica y Genocida de BolsonaroRevista Común (08.05.20)
- Brasil e a Pandemia de COVID-19: A Aposta Cínica y Genocida de Jair Bolsonaro (with Andreu Wilson), in Cristiane Brandão & Rogerio Dultra (eds.), Pandemias e Pandemonios no Brasil, São-Paulo: Tirant Lo Blanch, 2020, pp. 157-163
Free Ebook
-  Achille Mbembe's Necropolitics - key word entry - in Critical Legal Thinking.
 see here 
-  "Survivre c'est Résister". Résistances et Nécropolitiques au Brésil, Revue Internationale Sens Public, Université de Montréal, (2020)
see here
                                                     Credit: Antonio Pele
- I am currently working on the following papers & topics:
-  Right to Health
- Pandemic and Human rights 
 - Human Dignity in the 19th century 
- Necropolitics & Counterrevolution in Brazil
-  Human Dignity in Latin America
                                 TEACHING (March-July 2020) with Zoom 
Human Rights for undergraduate Law Students
Critical Theory for Ph.D students 
03.04.19. I am teaching the European System of Human Rights for the Brazilian Judiciary (in Rio de Janeiro, through Zoom) 
  • 12.18.19. New article on The Conversation:
Brazil: Molecular Fascism and Necropolitics (in French). 
  • Podcast of Critical Theory/ Center for Contemporary Critical Thought. I discuss here with Bernard Harcourt the Counterrevolution in Brazil, drawing on Michel Foucault's idea of Biopower and Achille Mbembe's notion of Necropolitics.  
  • New entry on Necropolitics (French) in the blog of my project of research on human dignity (posted: 02.12.19) 
                  TEACHING (August-December 2019)
  • I have been teaching a special course on contemporary critical French thinkers for Ph.D/Master Students.  You can find here the syllabus (in Portuguese) 
  • For undergraduate law students, I have been giving a course on human rights taking into account the proto-fascist agenda of the current Brazilian government. You can find here the syllabus (in Portuguese) 
  • In December 2019, I have published and co-organized the following two monographs, along with colleagues of the Law School at PUC-Rio University.
- The first one,  on May 68 as a Global Phenomenon
- Maio de 68 como Fenonemo Global. (w/ F. Hoffmann). Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris (2019).
Table of contents available here (in Portuguese). Isbn: 978-85-519-1729-9
- The second one, on Human Rights from a Critical Theory Approach
 Direitos Humanos em Perspectiva: Estado de Excecao, Biopolitca e Subalternidade (w/ B. Assy & M. Bernardes). Rio de Janeiro: PUC-Rio Editora (2019). Isbn: 978-8006-288-5
  • I am working on my core topic, human dignity, with the following two projects  : 
- Along with Stephen Riley, I am preparing a special issue on "Human Dignity: Alternative Histories" for the Journal Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (publication by the end of 2020)
  • I am working on the following papers  
1) "Nécrolibéralisme et Droits Humains au Brésil" for La Revue des Droits de l'Homme (CREDOF/Paris Nanterre)  
2) "Human Dignity in Kant as a Technology of the Self" a draft is available here
                                                                       Book Chapter  
"Authoritarian Dignity " in Brazil: How Human Survival is a Threat to Bolsonaro Proto-Fascist Politics" for the monograph organized by Lynn Gummow and Klaus Mathis (Luzern University), Dignity and Diversity (Springer, 2020)
In October 2019 I organized three important events at PUC-Rio along with Bernard Harcourt (Columbia University) : 
- A seminar on Paulo Freire,  Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Oct., 23rd) 
- A special course on Foucault, also with Jurandir Freire Costa (Oct., 24th)
Workshop on Prisons, Education and Judicial System: Brazil & United-States (Oct. 25th) with Elaine Barbosa, Mia Ruyter, Maria Walkiria, Pamella Passos, Sandra de Souza
Nov., 15, 2019,  I was invited to talk about Romania post-1989, at Paris Nanterre University (Paris), in day long seminar on 1989.  Nov. 28. I have talked about Necropolitics in Brazil, at the State University of Rio de Janeiro
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