-   "Pandemic & Post-Pandemic: trends and challenges", Webinar Main organizer  Law School, PUC-Rio (July 6th, 2020)
- Special issue co-editor (w/ A. Sarat, S. Riley & K. Bauer):
"The different lives of a Pandemic", Journal: Law, Culture, and the Humanities (2021)
- "The King is Naked": Bolsonaro & the Pandemic (Critique in times of Coronavirus), in Critical Legal Thinking
-  Brasil y la Pandemia del COVID-19: la Apuesta Cínica y Genocida de BolsonaroRevista Común (08.05.20)
- Brasil e a Pandemia de COVID-19: A Aposta Cínica y Genocida de Jair Bolsonaro (with Andreu Wilson), in Cristiane Brandão & Rogerio Dultra (eds.), Pandemias e Pandemonios no Brasil, São-Paulo: Tirant Lo Blanch, 2020, pp. 157-163
Free Ebook
-  Political Resistance & "Care of the Self" in Kant's notion of Human Dignity: a  "critical" & novel Explanation",  Studies in Law, Politics & Society (forthcoming 2020)
-  Special issue co-editor (w/ A. Sarah & S. Riley) :
"Human Dignity: Alternative Histories",  Studies in Law, Politics & Society, (forthcoming 2020)
  -  Achille Mbembe's Necropolitics - key word entry - in Critical Legal Thinking.
 see here 
-  "Survivre c'est Résister". Résistances et Nécropolitiques au Brésil, Revue Internationale Sens Public, Université de Montréal, (forthcoming 2020)
see here
 "Political Struggles and Tropical Necropolitics. The Rise (and Fall) of 'Authoritarian Dignity' in Brazil",  Dignity, Diversity, Anarchy, Klaus Matthis (ed.), Springer (forthcoming 2020)
I am currently working on the following papers & topics:
-  Right to Health
- Pandemic and Human rights 
 - Human Dignity in the 19th century 
- Necropolitics & Counterrevolution in Brazil
-  Human Dignity in Latin America
                                 TEACHING (March-July 2020) with Zoom 
Human Rights for undergraduate Law Students
Critical Theory for Ph.D students 
03.04.19. I am teaching the European System of Human Rights for the Brazilian Judiciary (in Rio de Janeiro, through Zoom) 
  • 12.18.19. New article on The Conversation:
Brazil: Molecular Fascism and Necropolitics (in French). 
  • Podcast of Critical Theory/ Center for Contemporary Critical Thought. I discuss here with Bernard Harcourt the Counterrevolution in Brazil, drawing on Michel Foucault's idea of Biopower and Achille Mbembe's notion of Necropolitics.  
  • New entry on Necropolitics (Frenchin the blog of my project of research on human dignity (posted: 02.12.19) 
                  TEACHING (August-December 2019)
  • I have been teaching a special course on contemporary critical French thinkers for Ph.D/Master Students.  You can find here the syllabus (in Portuguese) 
  • For undergraduate law students, I have been giving a course on human rights taking into account the proto-fascist agenda of the current Brazilian government. You can find here the syllabus (in Portuguese) 
  • In December 2019, I have published and co-organized the following two monographs, along with colleagues of the Law School at PUC-Rio University.
- The first one,  on May 68 as a Global Phenomenon
- Maio de 68 como Fenonemo Global. (w/ F. Hoffmann). Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris (2019).
Table of contents available here (in Portuguese). Isbn: 978-85-519-1729-9
- The second one, on Human Rights from a Critical Theory Approach
 Direitos Humanos em Perspectiva: Estado de Excecao, Biopolitca e Subalternidade (w/ B. Assy & M. Bernardes). Rio de Janeiro: PUC-Rio Editora (2019). Isbn: 978-8006-288-5
  • I am working on my core topic, human dignity, with the following two projects  : 
- Along with Stephen Riley, I am preparing a special issue on "Human Dignity: Alternative Histories" for the Journal Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (publication by the end of 2020)
  • I am working on the following papers  
1) "Nécrolibéralisme et Droits Humains au Brésil" for La Revue des Droits de l'Homme (CREDOF/Paris Nanterre)  
2) "Human Dignity in Kant as a Technology of the Self" a draft is available here
                                                                       Book Chapter  
"Authoritarian Dignity " in Brazil: How Human Survival is a Threat to Bolsonaro Proto-Fascist Politics" for the monograph organized by Lynn Gummow and Klaus Mathis (Luzern University), Dignity and Diversity (Springer, 2020)
In October 2019 I organized three important events at PUC-Rio along with Bernard Harcourt (Columbia University) : 
- A seminar on Paulo Freire,  Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Oct., 23rd) 
A special course on Foucault, also with Jurandir Freire Costa (Oct., 24th)
Workshop on Prisons, Education and Judicial System: Brazil & United-States (Oct. 25th) with Elaine Barbosa, Mia Ruyter, Maria Walkiria, Pamella Passos, Sandra de Souza
Nov., 15, 2019,  I was invited to talk about Romania post-1989, at Paris Nanterre University (Paris), in day long seminar on 1989.  Nov. 28. I have talked about Necropolitics in Brazil, at the State University of Rio de Janeiro